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Charnille M. Wright 
Portsmouth, VA (Cavalier Manor
Thursday, March 12, 2009 10:12 AM Host: Write a comment

I am a longtime Cavalier Manor resident. My parents moved out to Cavalier Manor back in November 1957 having been living here for over 50 years.

I was raised, grew up in Portsmouth, attended public school and have resided here most of my life.

My mother Mrs. Jean B. Wright was a member of the Police Community Relations (PCR) for many years and drove the Cavalier Manor Patrol car for about a decade (1982-1992). She was a very active and dedicated force in the community. I used to go on patrol with my mother many years ago observing suspicious activity and my mom would report it to authorities.

My mom implemented the slogan “Put Christ first, so Crime won’t last.” Very inspirational!

My mother passed away last year on January 9, 2008. I cannot think of another person who was dedicated to driving that patrol car more than my mother. She is irreplaceable in all aspects and will be greatly missed.

I have not even seen that patrol car driving around at all in quite sometime.

The Cavalier Manor neighborhood seems like it is changing for the worst I would say. We have a different breed of people moving out here now unfortunately.